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Deep inside every one of us is a longing to live a life of greatness and to leave a legacy – to genuinely matter, make a difference, to contribute to something unique.. The Lance Learning Group believes that people who find their God given voice can come together and create access to new levels of innovation, problem solving and productivity in the marketplace, society and among nations.
I have known Lance over 12 years and count him one of the most perceptive, wise, and helpful consultants I have ever met. He has consistently been one of the most popular speakers at Global Awakening Conferences. I consider Lance one of the most intelligent persons I have met. Lance blends the prophetic gift and prophetic insight into the issues of our society.
Randy Clark
Global Awakening
Harrisburg, PA
Lance Wallnau is not only one of the most respected teachers in the world, he is a dear friend. Something happens to me whenever I am with him. It doesn’t matter if I am listening to him on a CD or in a conference, or sitting across the table sharing a meal, I think bigger and see clearer when we’re together. Exposure to truth on the level he carries changes everything, making insignificance repulsive. I highly recommend this research manual, knowing that the seeds of reformation he carries will forever impact your destiny.
Bill Johnson
Lead Pastor
Bethel Church
Redding, CA
I have seen Lance continually operate in “optical design,” designing your life based on the clarity of perception about God, yourself, your surroundings, and your destiny. Lance Wallnau takes you from blurred vision to keen, accurate understanding of your destiny by supersizing your lens.
Kim Clement
Pastor and author



What do best selling authors like Tamara Lowe and educators like C. Peter Wagner, have in common with executives of leading corporations such as John Porter of CB Richard Ellis or Ralph Palmen of the prestigious Pinnacle Forum? How about heavy metal rock stars like Brian Welch of Korn and Reality TV Producer Heidi Tuttle and Georgia State Senator Michael Crotts? They all testify to the lasting impact of their encounter with Lance Wallnau as a teacher, consultant and executive coach.

Lance Wallnau is a world-class trainer and consultant whose students span the globe from Business to Foreign Governments, All attest to Lance’s unique impact in the field of personal and organizational transformation and development. He directs the Lance Learning Group, a company dedicated to helping professionals by identifying their personal constraints; sharpening their unique talents and building a high trust culture. Unlike many who bring an “off the shelf” approach to training, Lance customizes his workshop to each organizations specific need by acquiring data from the programs participants prior to the event and targeting training goals in advance with the management team who invites him. This is how Lance Learning is consistently able to compress months of training into a single high impact weekend experience!. Lance, blends his background as an Executive in the Petroleum Industry with 20 years experience as a leader of Non Profit organizations to show people how to build organizations that become dominant players in their field.

Lance believes that the problems facing the world cannot be solved by governments alone, but require fresh innovative leadership that partners government, business and non profit volunteerism to produce healthy communities, economies and nations. Learning from and consulting with international teams involved on the front lines of transformation, Lance and his colleagues not only build profitable organizations but have worked to create solutions to problems that touch every realm of society from prison reform to combating corruption.

With the goal of touching 100 nations and raising up 10,000 trained associates, Lances company, The Lance Learning Group, is one of the leading catalysts in Identifying, studying, empowering and networking leaders globally to make a massive difference in reducing conflict and developing the economies of nations.

There are 7 areas of Leadership focus at Lance Learning: Business, Government, Education, Family, Religion, Media and Arts. Lance teaches that next generation of leaders in these spheres will shape the culture of nations. He refers to these spheres as mountains, and has made the 7 Mountain or ‘7M’ message his trademark teaching as many people attest to his unique catalytic grasp of this subject. Lance and his team provide both corporate training programs and personalized one-on-one assistance to help you find the resources and connections you need to bring your calling and career into clarity so that you can TAKE YOUR MOUNTAIN. These resources include executive coaching, leadership retreats and consulting for Business organizations, NGO’s, Ministries and Universities. Combined seminars with advanced assessment tools, audio, DVD and Internet Teaching and coaching, Lance is able to customized resources to meet your unique organizational needs long after the initial training impact is experienced.

Lance and his wife Annabelle live in Dallas/Fort-Worth Texas along with their 3 children, Lance Jr. (21), Carl Alex (18), and Joy Chrysta (13).

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